Who we are

Good accommodation for everyone

"Saving accommodation cost" and "meeting people from all over the world" would be the reasons you stay at hostel. However, in exchange for these advantages, you might have bad experience such as sleeping in a harsh environment or taking shower in a dirty bathroom. These problems may affect your trip memory.

Although Onederz Hostel / One Stop Hostel is NOT party hostel, we are trying to solve these problems so that everybody can enjoy staying at hostel. Through providing good accommodation with good price, we will help you to have a wonderful trip memory in Cambodia.

Our rooms / dorms

To provide the best sleeping environment is the most important role for us.

We have everything you need in a dorm room such as well maintained airconditioner, fast Wifi, large locker and padlock, strong and big enough bed frame, comfortable mattress and blanket, personal electric socket and reading lamps and daily housekeeping...

Our services

Although all of our members are working as "one team" to help you to have a good memory both inside and outside the hostel, you will find that the way each member serve you is not the same. This is because we respect a character and a difference of each member and we also let every member show his or her own hospitality instead of letting everyone work as prescribed in the manual.

Our facilities

In a hostel, many guests share its facilities. So we design facilities in a hostel based on this aspect. For example, we believe that "Shared bathrooms should be outside guest rooms so that noise from shared bathrooms will not disturb guests who are sleeping".

We also have our own maintainance team and we check and maintain the condition of facilities everyday.

Our rules

Since many guests live together in a hostel, we have to ask all the guests to respect and follow our simple rules so that everyone can enjoy pleasant environment. For example, guests are not allowed to talk or make a noise in the guest room or the space around the guest room after 10pm. This is to provide good sleeping environment to everyone. Ofcourse, you can enjoy talking in our common space (lounge) 24 hours.

History of Onederz Hostel and One Stop Hostel

One Stop Hostel started its journey in Phnom Penh, the capital city of Cambodia, in August 2013.

One Stop Hostel Siem Reap opened in January 2014 near Pub Street.

One Stop Hostel Sihanoukville (changed to Onederz Sihanoukville), our first hostel with swimming pool in beach resort, opened in November 2014.

Onederz Hostel opened in Siem Reap with roof top swimming pool in 2016 near Angkor Night Market.

Onederz Hostel Phnom Penh opened in 2017 in riverside area

Onederz Hostel Siem Reap won 2 awards (Hoscar) "The best hostel in Cambodia" and "8th best large hostel in the world" from HostelWorld in 2017.

One Stop Hostel Siem Reap won an award (Hoscar) "The best hostel in Cambodia" from HostelWorld in 2018.

Onederz Hostel Koh Rong Sanloem opened in 2018.

Onederz Hostel Siem Reap won an awards (Hoscar) "7th best large hostel in the world" from HostelWorld in 2019.