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Our hostel provides various room types to meet your needs

We offer many kinds of room type depending on your situation and budget.

All the room types are designed and maintained based on our idea that providing comfortable sleeping environment is the most important role of the hostel.

To ensure security, we are using electronic key card system.

Private rooms - Our modern rooms meet your basic needs.

Our private rooms have air conditioner, TV, electronic digital security box, electric kettle (with coffee and tea set), hair dryer, 2 bottles of water, free Wifi, towels and etc...

We have a private bathroom inside the room. We have partition wall and curtain between shower booth and toilet.

Dorms - Wide variety of dormitory rooms

We have different types of dorm rooms available depending on your needs. Sizes vary from 4 beds dormitory to 18 beds dormitory. Both mixed and females dormitory rooms are available.

Dorms - Comfortable sleeping environment

We provide comfortable sleeping space to everyone. Our bunk beds are like boxes that can make you feel having some privacy. You will find electric socket, reading lamp and accessory case in your sleeping space. Although we are hostel, our mattresses, blankets and pillows are as good as items in a hotel. All of our rooms are equipped with well maintained air-conditioner.

We placed shared bathrooms outside the dorm room so your sleep will not be disturbed by noise from bathrooms.

Dorms - Large locker for everyone

We provide large locker which size is 40cm*50cm*80cm. We also provide padlock for those who don't have their own padlock. So you will get 2 keys when you check in, one for the room door and another for the locker.